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Wednesday 26 November 2014
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Perugia Perugia Perugia
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Choose from the full range of lodgings available in Perugia and the surrounding area. The best solution to suit your needs:
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Get the inside scoop on the full variety of cuisine available in Perugia and the surrounding area, from the best local specialities to top international cuisine or just a simple pizza in the Restaurants, Pizzerias, and Pubs section.

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Consult our Typical Products section to find out where to get the area's best local produce and make the most of it in your kitchen at home.

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View a map of Perugia and looking for a great way to spend time in Perugia?
Take a look at our Activities Packages section to find out what extra amusements the city and the surrounding area can offer or take a look at shopping streets and squares in Perugia.

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perugia hotel

Shopping in Perugia

Perugia City Shopping Discover the main shopping streets and squares in Perugia. A virtual stroll past some of the city's smartest shop windows. Find shops, a brands, typical products, trendy bars, stores, wine-bar, disco, clubs and more with just a click of your mouse...


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Blues Jam
Every Friday night Blues Jam Session in Perugia. ...[more]

Saturday, November 29, Third Meeting: 16:00 Commeda of San Giustino d'Arna. San Giustino d'Arna: Preceptory of Templar Commandery of the Order of Malta. Architectural study of a settlement monastic knights. ARNA TEMPLAR - CONFERENCES from October to December. Lectures and guided tours in the area Arnate. Free admission www.arnatemplare.it ...[more]

The GENERAL INSPECTOR by Nikolai Gogol Vasil EVIC
26 to 30 November Theatre Morley, Morley Square PROSE AND DANCE SEASON 2014/2015 THE INSPECTOR GENERAL, Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol ', an adaptation of the dramatic Damiano Michieletto with (in alphabetical order) Alexander Albertin, Luca Altavilla, Alberto Fasoli, Emanuele Lucky, Michael Macclesfield, Fabrizio Matteini, Eleanor Panizzo, Silvia Paoli, Peter Pilla, James Lipstick. Info: Teatro Stabile of Umbria (TSU), I-06123 Perugia - Via Verzaro, 20 Info: Tel: + 39 075 575421 - Fax + 39 ......[more]

The Flea and the skinny elf in beretto. Ortoteatro. The Tales of Sunday.
Sunday, November 30 in Perugia, Via del Castellano 2 / a (trav. Corso Cavour, behind the church of San Domenico) - 17:30 THEATRE FIGURE PERUGIA 2014-2015 The Flea and the skinny elf in beretto. Ortoteatro. The Tales of Sunday. Puppet shows and Puppet single ticket € 6,50 - reduced children € 6.00 - Opening Ticket: 16.30 Performances and workshops are organized by the TIEFFEU and take place in the garden of puppetry Info: Tel 075 5725845 ...[more]

Elocution and Expressive Reading Course
COURSE OF DICTION AND EXPRESSIVE READING Perugia Library Villa Urbani via Plumes, 19 (off Via XX Settembre) from 22 September to 'December 1, 2014 11 weekly meetings on Monday evenings from 20:30 to 22:30. The first two meetings 22 and 29 September are free The word is relationship. The voice is the means by which the word is expressed; with it you can talk, explain, persuade, teach, seduce, in short, allows us to correlate all activities of daily living. Be aware of your voice as an ......[more]

The Loneliness of the Bee at the Teatro di Rebecca
Synopsis: An ordinary man s' questions on the problem of the disappearance of bees ringing a grotesque string of platitudes, to settle the matter and concluded that in order to understand the complex issues takes time. The time to (re) start from a distance and enter into a story, that of Baron Justus von Liebig. His life - the early catastrophic experiments with gunpowder in the back room of his father to the incredible invention of chemical fertilizers that will revolutionize the history ......[more]

Jewels Metropolitan - ornaments and artifacts on display
Friday, November 28 at 17:00 at the Hall Porto Franco in Ponte San Giovanni di Perugia will be inaugurated the exhibition of jewelry entitled Metropolitan Jewels - Ornaments and Artifacts on display Carlotta Calderazzo Architect: "Confusion, sort, clean, throw, recycle. The daily gesture assumes simple shapes, but precise. It makes use of a few tools, products from other, like a pair of scissors, a pot, a knife, but his real tools are the hands, highly complex machinery of the human body. ......[more]

A Sunday in pictures: an initiative of the National Gallery of Umbria
The new initiative of the National Gallery of Umbria titled "A Sunday in Pictures", by April to December 2014 every last Sunday of the month, will offer all visitors a guided tour Free theme. June 29, July 27, August 31, September 28, October 26, November 30, December 28, 16.30 will cover the visit of the Digger Signorelli, on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated the artist in 2012, has undergone restoration. During the visit we will explain the diagnostic ......[more]

Trasimeno Lake
LAKE TRASIMENE - The best accommodations Trasimeno Lake and selection of fish restaurants in Trasimeno Lake - Umbria. Specialised in cooking fresh water fish, the restaurants around the Lago Trasimeno offer you unique dishes such as carp cooked over a wood fire or tegamaccio, a fish soup made using all the types of fish from Lake Trasimene stewed in the best olive oil, white wine and herbs.
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Shopping in Perugia

Golfing holidays
Perugia Online What could be better than a golfing holiday? Golf is a fast-growing sport in Italy and Umbria is an unexpected Golfers paradise.
Take a look !

The Amusement Park : La Citta della Domenica
Perugia Online A must for adults and children alike who want to get close to animals and nature during their visit to Umbria. With its 40 hectares of parkland in the Monte Pulito area of Perugia, Città della Domenica is the place to visit.
Itineraries & Museums in Umbria
Itineraries & Museums in Umbria: Locations, timetables, tickets and guided tours in the most important umbrian museums: Perugia, Orvieto, Norcia, Gubbio, Todi, Foligno, Città di Castello, Montefalco, Deruta e Torgiano. [ Visit Website ]
Italian language courses
Perugia Online One of the many roads that leads to Perugia can be the essential starting point of learning the Italian language..... Comments: COMITATO LINGUISTICO has provided an excellent course for me. It is pitched at the correct level for me. I found it challenging at time but I am so amazed at what I have learnt in 2 weeks. I would highly recommend this course to others ...

Nature Walks Around Cascia:To Cascia via the Scoglio di Santa Rita, the vast rocky pyramid that dominates the village of Roccaporena
Perugia Online A trip to Roccaporena for the annual Festa delle Rose e delle Rite on June 22nd can be an ideal opportunity to discover the little known but spectacular natural landscape of this area. Along the Corno and Tissino basins an itinerary runs from Roccaporena towards the Medieval hamlet of Monteleone di Spoleto and continues for Poggiodomo and Cerreto di Spoleto.
Cooking courses
Perugia Online Discover and learn the authentic Italian and Umbrian Cooking! A cooking school for food lovers, beginners and professionals: our school has been officially recognized and honored by the Province of Perugia as instrumental in promoting the culinary culture of Umbria .... [continues]

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