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PERUGIA Transport in town - How to reach Perugia by Air

Central Italy's closest major airports are in Rome, Pisa, and Florence.

Perugia is not far from Rome, Pisa and Florence and can be easily reached from these two cities by train, bus or car.

• The major international gateway is Rome's Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci, known as Fiumicino (FCO) (30 km/19 mi southwest of Rome, PHONE: 06/6595-3640). For information about Rome's Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci click here;

• Pisa's Aeroporto Galileo Galilei (PSA) (12 km/7 mi south of Pisa and 80 km (50 mi) west of Florence, PHONE: 050/500707) has flights from London, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris, as well as connections to Rome and Milan. For information about Pisa's Aeroporto Galileo Galilei click here;

• Florence's Aeroporto A. Vespucci, known as Peretola (FLR) (10 km/6 mi northwest of Florence, PHONE: 055/3061700), has connections to Brussels, Paris, London, Rome, and Milan. For Florence airport click here;

Flying time is approximately 9 hours from New York, 11 hours from Chicago, 12 hours from Dallas (via New York), 12 hours from Los Angeles, 2 hours from London (to Milan), and 24 hours from Sydney.

The solution that we suggest to you to reach Perugia by air is to land to Rome and to continue for Perugia with bus.

Daily bus connections from Roma Fiumicino Airport (International Departure Terminal "C") and Perugia (P.le Partigiani) :

From Monday to Saturday:

Roma Fiumicino Airport  hrs. 12.30 Perugia hrs. 16.15
Roma Fiumicino Airport  hrs. 14.30 Perugia hrs. 28.15
Roma Fiumicino Airport  hrs. 17.00 Perugia hrs. 20.45


Roma Fiumicino Airport  hrs. 12.30 Perugia  hrs. 16.15
Roma Fiumicino Airport  hrs. 16.30 Perugia  hrs. 20.15

Daily bus connections from Perugia (P.le Partigiani) to Fiumicino Airport in Rome (International Departure Terminal "B"):

From Monday to Saturday:

Perugia hrs. 06.30 Roma Fiumicino Airport  hrs. 10.10
Perugia hrs. 08.00 Roma Fiumicino Airport  hrs. 11.10
Perugia hrs. 09.00 Roma Fiumicino Airport  hrs. 12.10


Perugia hrs. 07.30 Roma Fiumicino Airport hrs. 10.40
Perugia hrs. 08.30 Roma Fiumicino Airport hrs. 11.40

The rates are as follows (September 2003):
one-way ticket   Euro 14.50
round-trip ticket Euro 23.00

Several trains daily connect Perugia with both Florence (via Terontola) and Rome (via Foligno or via Terontola).
For the timetable and information please visit our How to reach Perugia by Train section and Trains section.

Local Airport

Perugia's tiny Aeroporto Sant'Egidio (PEG) (PHONE: 075/592141) has only daily flights to and from Milan, where direct flights are available from and to most of the main international destinations. For information about Perugia's Aeroporto Sant'Egidio please visit our Airport section.

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