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CAMPLUS RESIDENZA PROVVIDENZA - Via Francolina 18 06123 - Perugia (Pg) Tel.: (+39) 075.5724623 - The residence is located in Perugia opposite the Faculty of Educational Sciences, near the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, and not too far from the University main seat. It has been offering hospitality in Perugia since 1908. The residence has comfortable rooms, large and bright, equipped with Internet connection, and plainly furnished. The common areas count with two multi-purpose rooms, suitable for studying, equipped with TV, Internet connection, piano, and fireplace, as well as two other small sitting rooms. In the residence you will also find at your disposal: a kitchen, a canteen, a laundry room, multi-purpose rooms, services for people with disabilities on the ground floor, and a Catholic youth centre. Wi-Fi is available all over the building. On the outside, a large courtyard and the garden make the perfect setting for a cosy environment, ideal for studying outdoors on sunny days. All systems, among which the lift, and facilities are compliant with current legal standards on health and safety. SITO WEB

CASA SAN FILIPPO NERI - Via della Cupa 3 - 06123 - Perugia (Pg)

Ist.Santa Chiara - Via delle Clarisse 8 06122 - Perugia (Pg) Tel.: +39 075.5725306

Istituto Don Bosco - Via Don Bosco 7 06121 - Perugia (Pg) Tel.: +39 0755733880

Istituto Sant'Antonio- Via della Consolazione 4 06121 - Perugia (Pg) Tel.: +39 0755725630

Pensionato San Francesco - Via della Cupa 46 06121 - Perugia (Pg) Tel.: +39 0755723859

Prov.Romana Servi di Maria - Via del Roscetto,28 06122 - Perugia (Pg) Tel.: +39 0755732763

Suore Oblate S.Filippo Neri - Via degli Sciri,1 06123 - Perugia (Pg) Tel.: +39 0755736178

Le Stuoie - Casa di accoglienza e di evangelizzazione - Piazza Porziuncola 1 - 06088 S.Maria degli Angeli - Assisi (Perugia) Tel.: +39 0758044608

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