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A remarkable number of foreign citizens accounting for around 8% of the city's total population has chosen Perugia as the city where to live, work and raise their children.

In the latest years an increase in the presence of foreigners in Perugia has been recorded. The largest communities are from Asia and Africa, whereas Americans and Europeans are less numerous.

National laws regulate the entry of foreigners in Italy.

This section includes all the necessary information to comply with the rules to legally enter and settle in Italy.

Foreigners wishing to move to Italy will also find in the following pages a considerable number of useful suggestions and advices on where to look for a job or an apartment, just to make an example.

Moreover, addresses of consulates, associations and foreign communities in Perugia providing help and advice to foreigners are also indicated as to facilitate integration in the city's life.

Further information may be also found by entering a few selected websites included in some pages of the section.


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