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Citta' di Castello Farm Holidays and Country Houses

Farm Holiday La Miniera di Galparino Voc. Galparino, 34 - Sansecondo - 06010 Cittą di Castello (Perugia) Italy
Tel. (+39) 075 8540784 Fax (+39) 075 8540784 Mobile (+39) 347 6140798 •  Originally a stone farmhouse, whose construction is said to date back to 1100, the building has, over time, undergone various extensions, and now owes its name to the presence, inside the premises, of the first lignite mine exploited in the north of Umbria early in the 19th century. La Miniera di Galparino has bedrooms fully furnished with rustic furniture, with materials taken from the old peasant tradition, using, for instance, old sackcloth for curtains. The rooms, large and comfortable, are supplied with linen and have en-suite facilities, television and refrigerator.

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