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International Schools of Design, Fashion, Visual arts and Communication : you will find project education, specialist professional training, research on behalf of companies.

The courses and masters addressing final-year students, graduates, employees and professionals.

Italian Design School suggests a training method, that combines culture’s project and professional’s practice. It’s a real polytechnic’s school in which is studied the four general fields of design: architecture – design – communication - fashion.

Individual courses or full design programs available in Italian and English.

Opening of Secretery:
9,00am - 12,30am Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9,00am - 12,30am / 3,30pm - 6,30pm Tuesday, Thursday
Saturday at your request.

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The Accademia Internazionale d’Alta Moda e d’Arte del Costume Koefia, founded in 1951 in Rome, has an established tradition in teaching in the fashion sector and was the first fashion academy in Italy to enjoy the patronage of the Italian Education Ministry.

Today the school is on the cutting edge of teaching in this field, whilst still maintaining as a base the sartorial traditions and the style of haute couture, with a keen eye directed at the modern technology of pret-ŕ-porter.

The three-year study course offered by Koefia has a limited number of places available and offers an all-round training in the fashion field from design to couture modelling and packaging. The school aims to guide its students throughout the duration of the course, with a view to bringing out their natural talents in a combination of manual skills, culture and creativity – essential tools for embarking on a career in fashion.

For further information contact the Accademia KOEFIA directly in Via Cola di Rienzo 203 - 00192 Rome, tel. 06/3243262 Fax. 06/3207774 (secretariat open Monday – Friday, 9.30am - 12.30pm; 3.30 - 6.30pm).

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