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Looking to eat fresh water fish in Umbria? Then you can't beat the carp cooked over a wood fire or the tegamaccio a type of fish soup stew made from all the types of fish from Lake Trasimene and cooked with the best olive oil, white wine and herbs.

Indeed, Lake Trasimene is the largest expanse of water in central Italy.

Supported by the URAT (Union Albergatore Ristoratore del Trasimeno' and the APT of Umbria, the various restaurants are given a rating depending on the preparation, quality and use of the local produce. All are listed in a guide available from the tourist information offices.

Lake Trasimene was also the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the classical period, at least in Italy. A book called 'Cartaginesi e Romani alla Battaglia del Trasimeno' has managed to combine the fish dinners with ancient history in a seamless volume.

It is a layman's account of the battle between the Carthaginians and Romans on 20th June 217BC, interspersed with menus from the above restaurants.

It's an engrossing read even if the 'crostini di fegato e di uova di regina' and 'chitarrini home-made al sugo di persico reale' were probably the last thing on the minds of the Nubian spearmen and Gallic mercenaries 2000 years ago.

The style of the website is how we hope you will enjoy your discovery of Umbria and her food.

In the surroundings there are many restaurants that allow you to taste sea and lake-food specialties.

Restaurant Da Massimo Loc. San Savino - Via dei Romani, 16 - 06063 - Magione (Perugia) Ph. +39 075 8476094 - 075 8476269 • Surrounded by the green Lake Trasimeno hills, you will find the restaurant "Da Massimo", where a diligent family management allows you to taste sea and lake-food specialties. A comfortable parking lot, large restaurant rooms with purified and conditioned air make the restaurant "Da Massimo" a compulsory stop of lovers of fine cuisine and good living.
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