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Perugia, Piazza Partigiani, Tel. (+39) 075 5731707
Perugia, Pian di Massiano, Tel. (+39) 075 506781
Perugia, Fontivegge Tel. (+39) 075 5006938
The Perugia external bus network covers the entire territory of the region and extends for 5,704,298Km over the are known as bacino n.1 (the province of Perugia excluding the areas of Spoleto and Norcia, for a total area coverage amounting to 4,133 square km). The network serves over 50 comuni and provides connections to the areas of Gubbio, Lake Trasimene, Marsciano, Todi, Gualdo Tadino, Santa Maria degli Angeli, part of the Upper Tiber Valley and Orvieto.

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Strada dei Cappucinelli, 4/d 06125 PERUGIA
Telefono: +39 75 5009641 4 lines r.a. 
Fax: +39 75 5053733 
Ufficio Movimento Telephone: +39 75 5003715 
Ufficio Movimento Fax: +39 75 5057394
http://  - e-mail: For timetables and prices access the website SULGA.

How reach the city of PERUGIA from NAPLES by bus.

C.L.P. Company with Sulga Company di Perugia external bus network provides connections from PERUGIA TO NAPLES every days.

- from Naples (p.zza Garibaldi) start 8:15am and arrive to Perugia (Piazza Partigiani) 12:40am - start 2:30pm and arrive 7:00pm

- from Perugia (Piazza Partigiani) start 8:30am and arrive to Naples (p.zza Garibaldi) 1:00pm - start 2:30pm and arrive 7:00pm.

For further Information: C.L.P. Sviluppo Industriale S.p.A
Via S.Gennariello, 18
80040 Pollena Trocchia (NA)
Tel. +39 081.5311707 - Fax. +39 081.5311278 -


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