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Featured in many art works from the late 13th century onwards, the beautifully woven table linens of Mediaeval and Renaissance Italy, commonly knwon as "Perugia towels" by art historians, are still woven today . These towels are made from a traditional combination of cotton and linen woven together, with brocaded borders in a contrasting color, either in indigo or woad-dyed cotton. Although some are plain-woven or have herringbone grounds, the vast majority are woven in six-harness diamond twills, with the brocaded designs worked over a warp-faced rep. The brocaded patterns can be simple geometric designs, zigzags, stylised floral designs, inscriptions, designs depicting birds and animals, human figures or creatures from mythology.

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GIUDITTA BROZZETTI a r.l., Via T. Berardi, 5/6 - 06123 Perugia
Tel. 011-39-075-40236 (USA) / +39-075-40236 (EU)
Fax 011-39-075-500236 (USA) / +39-075-500236 (EU) - Web site
• The Giuditta Brozzetti Weaving Studio was founded in 1921 Giuditta Brozzetti, who wished to re-organise the ancient craft of handweaving in the region. In Umbria this tradition dates back to the 12th century. Working in their homes and in convents, the women of Umbria used to hand weave fabrics that were then used to decorate homes and churches. The patterns used today at the Giuditta Brozzetti Weaving Studio are authentic reproductions of designs from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, masterfully crafted using the same tools and techniques that have made these works famous worldwide. Today the weaving studio is located in the 13th century church of San Francesco delle Donne.
• Products: cushions, tablecloth, table runners.

FABBRI ANTONIO Via Oberdan 13, Perugia, Italy Tel. +39 0755726609
• Fabbri Antonio in Perugia offers high quality, traditional Umbrian fabrics - with their characteristic yellow, blue, and rust coloured designs.

IL TELAIO Via Rocchi 19, Perugia, Italy Tel. +39 0755726603
• Il Telaio in Perugia sells traditionally woven Umbrian fabrics. The name of the shop translates literally as "The Loom," but Il Telaio also stocks a fine selection of Umbrian and Deruta pottery.

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