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Loc. Casalalta - 06050 COLLAZZONE - (Perugia)

to be sent by fax to the number: +39 0758707128


Name __________________________________ 

Surname _________________________________

Company (not obligatory)


Street ____________________________Number _____

Area ________________________ZIP _______

Town ______________________________ Province __________

Country ______________________________

Tel ______________________ Fax __________________ 

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For orders exceeding 22 litres per product, we will send a 50 cl. sample for tasting. 
Following tasting of the product sent, and only if the order is reconfirmed, we will proceed with delivery.
The Pucci Company guarantees that the characteristics of the product of the order despatched, will be exactly the same as those of the sample sent.

Delivery must be carried out by:

 ex factory
 by courrier, payment upon delivery (only for Italy)
 by courrier QuickPost 5/7 days (Europe)

advance bank transfer made out t :

Beneficiary : Pucci Elvio Az. Agraria - P.IVA 00571400548
Beneficiary's bank: Banca Popolare di Todi
Bank code ABI 05352 CAB 38390 C/C 38295/89

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